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While the exact date of establishment of the Humphreys' Funeral Home has been lost with the passage of time and people, it is known that J.R. Sederquest proudly announced the opening of his new Water Street premises in the pages of the St. Croix Courier at about the same time the venerable St. Stephen paper was reporting on the tragic loss of the SS Titanic in 1912.

Over the course of the twentieth century several family names have come and gone but the business has continued, growing with the community.

George H. Maxwell would eventually take over the Water Street property and put his own name on the funeral home until the MacDonald family acquired the business in 1948. They operated the funeral home and a busy florist shop from the current location at 20 Marks Street for almost 50 years before the Saint John-based Brenan Group - owned by the MacMackin family, took over.

In 1999 the MacDonald Funeral Home became a member of the Select™ Network of Community Funeral Homes. Made up of a growing number of independent funeral directors, the network is dedicated to promoting the future of the family funeral home by ensuring that individual members are able to offer the highest standards of service to those who depend upon them.

In June of 2007, funeral director David Humphreys and his family moved to St. Stephen and formed Humphreys' Funeral Home Ltd., the firm that owns the funeral home today. Following the tradition established by Sederquest, Maxwell and MacDonald, the family firm on Marks Street officially became Humphreys' Funeral Home on September 7, 2007.

In this section you can learn a little bit about the evolution of Humphreys', get a peek at our facilities and meet our team

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