Covid 19 Response

      COVID - 19  - Special Public Health Measures - Updated to Red Alert Level , as of January 22, 2021

As we have throughout the current health crisis, we remain available to serve you. Our team is hard at work striving to meet the community’s needs by providing our services in a manner that is compassionate and meaningful while following closely the guidance of health authorities to protect our customers, our community and our team.

With the recent spike in COVID-19 case numbers, the Province of New Brunswick has today announced that zones 1,2,3,and 4 have been moved to the Red Alert Level status, while zones 5,6 and 7 will remain in the Orange alert level within our province.

Red Level restrictions necessitate significant changes to our operating procedures.

Most significant for our customers is the following restrictions and guidelines, as ordered by the Dept. of Public Health and the Province of New Brunswick, as part of their implementation of the Emergency Measures Act.

Their regulations that have been provided are as follows:

Gatherings for  funerals, will be limited to a household bubble only(indoors or out) The household bubble consists of who you live with.

Arrangement conferences with family members for burial or cremation, can be done at the funeral home with an in person visit; limited to the immediate family member charged with the arrangements of their loved one (consisting of their own household bubble.  These conferences will be by scheduled appointment.

Outside burial  or service at the gravesite will be limited to the household bubble; with masks being worn at all times. 

Please note that the household bubble is "who you live with".
As a result, beginning Wednesday, January 22nd,  our building will no longer be permitted to welcome visitors and our doors will be locked . Our staff, however, will continue to work and we will remain available, around the clock, to respond at times of loss.

Should you suffer a loss, our phones will always be answered and we will, as always, attend promptly to the care of your loved one who has passed away. We will be able to complete all necessary arrangements with the family in person with the immediate next of kin charged with the arrangements, in person at the funeral home or by telephone call and other sources of communication.

Still under these new measures single household bubbles are also in effect once again. 
Finally, we remind you that travel into and out of orange zones is discouraged for anything other than absolute essential purposes.

Our funeral directors are fully prepared to outline the next steps as we navigate your family through these difficult circumstances. While public indoor gatherings are prohibted, broadcast (live stream) services may be suitable for some. The household bubble, the celebrant and the funeral home staff can only be in attendance at either the  funeral home and or gravesite. Your funeral director can also explain what aspects of our services that must be completed immediately and what can be delayed and guide you with the expected safest course of action

 Our preplanning staff also remain available, by telephone, to assist you. They can answer any questions you may have about existing or new prearrangements. Contact them through the funeral homes or by visiting this page.

Finally, as we are all aware the return to stricter guidelines is difficult for all of us – particularly those who have suffered a loss. We respectfully ask that you join us in promoting patience and kindness as we all help one another to get through this and back to a safer environment.

We are grateful to everyone for their understanding as we continue to address this situation and seek the best ways to protect everyone while serving those in need. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact us by phone 506-466 – 3110 or email:

                                  THANK YOU