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Many bereaved people require more knowledge and understanding, more support and hope than the people around them are equipped to provide. Often people can be helped through their grief by gaining a better understanding of the grief process and how it may affect them.

The Select Community Care Grief Support Program is a source for guidance and information on dealing with grief that is available to you and your family. The following list of books and videos along with other resource materials are available for lending at any Select Funeral Home.

Our Books

A Childs View of Grief: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D,- In this book Wolfelt explains how children and Adolescents grieve after someone they love dies and offers guidelines for caring adults.

A Grief Observed: C.S. Lewis this book is a classic that is often turned to, especially by men, for comfort and to gain an understanding of the death, breath and spiritual heights of the journey through grief

Breaking The Silence: Laura Prince - a story illustrating the long term consequences of unresolved childhood grief. She explores the matter of sibling grief which is a topic that has rarely been explored in literature.

Creating Meaningful Ceremonies: Alan D.Wolfelt, Ph.d, a book full of insights about the importance of meaning funeral ceremonies offering authenticity and personalization, An inspiring guide for clergy and others who help grieving families plan and carry out funerals.

Death and Grief: A Guide for Clergy Alan D.Wolfelt, Ph.d. a concise yet comprehensive primer not only for clergy for all bereavement caregivers who want to enhance their ability to assist others during times of death and grief

Fall of a Sparrow: of death and dreams and healing: Kent L, Koppleman this book invites us into the loss, grief, and journey toward healing of a family suddenly faced with the tragic death of their vibrant teenaged son at a time when life and its future were coming together for him. The father/author lets us experience his inner dynamics of pain and loss, to see and remember, to recapture the gifts of shared life in family and to discover and be discovered by hope and healing.

Healing The Bereaved Child: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph,D. this book compares grief counseling to gardening. In this book Wolfelt invites the caregiver to take a more holistic view of the normal, natural, and necessary process that is grief. He then explores the way in which bereaved children can not only heal but grow through grief

How to go on Living When Someone you love Dies: Therese Rando, Ph..D. This comprehensive and wise guide helps people to grieve in their own way. Readers whose loved one has died through sudden or expected death will find solace and useful information.

Heavenly Hurts: Surviving AIDS related deaths and losses Sandra Jacoby Klein - this book gives guidance and direction to survivors grieving AID related losses, to people close to those survivors and to grief counselors working with mourners of AIDS losses.

Journey Through Grief: - Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. - this spiritual guide to those who are grieving the death of someone loved explores the mourner's journey through grief, in particular the six needs that all mourners must meet to heal and grow.

Mending The Torn Fabric Sarah Brabant - Dr. Brabant has written a compassionate accounting of the grieving process with all its complexities The content is comprehensive and would be helpful to anyone coping with loss or assisting someone in grief

Memorials Rituals Book for Healing and Hope: Ann Marie Putter has written this book filled with activities to allow individuals, families and bereavement support groups to acknowledge the death of a loved one in a gentle but effective way. The rituals include information about specific ages, materials needed, and description about going ahead to create them

Sarah's Journey: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D the story of Sarah Johnson an eight year who lost her father in a car accident. A guide to help the reader understand how a child grieves and how we, as adults, can help them through this process.

Transcending Loss: Ashley Davis Prend - based on her extensive work as a counselor and researcher, this book helps and inspires us to understand how the lifelong impact of grief can and does make life meaningful.  

The Death of an Adult Child: Jeanne Webster Blank - based on the personal experiences of the author and sixty other bereaved parents this book demonstrates that bereaved parents share many similar reactions to losing an adult child, it lets them know that feeling and acting as they do is acceptable, it attempts to explain what is happening to them, it tells how other parents coped.

When there are no Words: Charlie Walton describes and alters that terrible moment when you desperately want to say something to console a friend or loved one and no words seem appropriate.
Widow to Widow: Genevieve Ginsburg - writing from her own experiences as a widow, the author is frankly honest as she dispels the myths and disputes the rules, She encourages the widow to begin her life in her own way and in her own time.

What helped Me When My Loved One Died: Earl Grollmans book is a collection of personal stories of parents, wives, husband and, children and friends who have mourned the death of a beloved. A book of honest and real feelings by only those who know, those that have been through it.

Our Videos

Children and Death

  1. Talking about Death with Children
  2. Understanding Grief, Kids Helping Kids
  3. What Do I Tell My Children: How to Help a Child Cope with the
  4. Death of a Loved One
  5. What About Me? Kids and Grief
  6. The Healing Path

Widows and Widowers

  1. Living When a Loved on has Died
  2. Widows and Widowers - Problems and Adjustments
  3. Feelings
  4. Coping With Special Days

Special Issues

  1. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: The Unfulfilled Promise
  2. A Time to Live . . . A Time to Die
  3. David's Story: A Teen Suicide
  4. Did Jenny Have To Die? Preventing Teen Suicide
  5. A Teens View of Grief
  6. Peer Pressure, Drugs... and You
  7. Real People Meet a Teenage Drug Addict
  8. Teens and Alcohol: The Hidden problem
  9. The Los Altos Story - AIDS related story
  10. When Your Love One is Dying

Grief and Healing

  1. Advise for friends of the Bereaved
  2. Invincible Summer. "Returning to Life After Someone You Love
  3. Has Died
  4. How Do I Go On? Re-designing Your Future After Crisis Has Changed Your Life
  5. Listen To Your Sadness: Finding Hope Again After Despair
  6. Invades Your Life
  7. Endings . . . Reflections on Death, Grief, and Funerals
  8. Death and Dying